Oswald Ears Cosplay

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Here’s some pictures of my Small World costume from last night! Everyone thought I was Bo Peep, including cast members at the attraction, but whatever, I had fun and got a ton of candy, so…

I hope to get some better photos soon!

cosplayer ☆ oswaldears-cosplay
location ☆ Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

The finished Small World yarn wig! Most of it is going to be covered by the head scarf anyway, but I still put a ton of effort (by which I mean hot glue) into this thing. Also fun fact, hairspray also works on yarn.




It’s not even done with it and I’m in love!!!! I’ll be selling these at PMX 2014!

It`s so wonderful! Have you got online-shop or something like that?

I do have an online shop! It’s here-


If anyone wants to buy these please message me! I won’t be posting them on my shop until next month but I’ll specially make some early!

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On a brighter note. 

spent 6 hours making this hand embroidery tutorial because i’ve been constantly asked how I embroider my tooth skirt.

More hand embroidery stitches to come but in the meantime, you all get 5 tutorials!

I did make these in paint and I would greatly appreciate if you would like and reblog. Peace, Love you, bye!

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The shoes for my Small World costume came in this week! I’m planning on eventually adding some embellishments to them, but I likely won’t have time for that before Mickey’s Not So Scary on the 16th.


spend all of your emergency money on cosplay

after all, a good sale at jo-anns is sort of like an emergency


Cosplay Medic Corps Con Survival Guide — Heat Stroke and Dehydration: Prevention, Recognition, Treatment
Hot weather cons are upon us all which means that the risk of heat stroke and dehydration rises exponentially. Cosplay Medic Corps is here to tell you how to try to avoid getting heat stroke/dehydration so you can stay safe and don’t have to go to the emergency room and ruin your con!

Information is under the cut! (Which we hope works.)

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The bracelet for my Frankie costume came in the mail yesterday! Broadway silver instead of awful hideous film gold. I have no clue what the actual bracelet has engraved on it (if anything) so I just went the hipster route and put a nice song lyric on it. Shout out to my loving roommate/future Bob Gaudio cosplayer for putting up with me obsessing about bracelet details for the past week and a half.

Haha remember when I WASN’T obsessed with Jersey Boys? What did I even do with my life…

Small World costume update: drowning in crinoline.

Wanted to procrastinate sleep, so I did a super ridiculous makeup test for a (possible? definite? who knows) Jersey Boys cosplay.

I can almost successfully make all three faces John Lloyd Young makes as Frankie: squinty singing, squinty smiling, and sad.

Just a wig and clothes from other costumes. If/when I do this for real I’ll have better hair and even actual fake sideburns instead of just eyeliner.