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The bracelet for my Frankie costume came in the mail yesterday! Broadway silver instead of awful hideous film gold. I have no clue what the actual bracelet has engraved on it (if anything) so I just went the hipster route and put a nice song lyric on it. Shout out to my loving roommate/future Bob Gaudio cosplayer for putting up with me obsessing about bracelet details for the past week and a half.

Haha remember when I WASN’T obsessed with Jersey Boys? What did I even do with my life…

Small World costume update: drowning in crinoline.

Wanted to procrastinate sleep, so I did a super ridiculous makeup test for a (possible? definite? who knows) Jersey Boys cosplay.

I can almost successfully make all three faces John Lloyd Young makes as Frankie: squinty singing, squinty smiling, and sad.

Just a wig and clothes from other costumes. If/when I do this for real I’ll have better hair and even actual fake sideburns instead of just eyeliner.


More like Let’s pretend this fabric doesn’t exist

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I know Dragon*con is coming up for a lot of you, so just remember to be safe! There’s a lot of outdoor walking, and Atlanta in the summer is a very hot place, ESPECIALLY if you are wearing a costume with lots of layers. Be especially careful if you plan on walking in the parade.

Be sure to pick your parade costume carefully. I know it sort of too late for many of you, but if you’re on the fence between wearing a thick costume or one that maybe is more breathable, go with that one.

Carry ice packs in your pocket! They will keep your body cooled down a great deal. If you have time, maybe even look in to making a vest with pockets you can slide ice packs into. I use one like that for parades in Florida, and it’s great. It keeps the ice right at your core, and can be worn under your outer layers.

And of course, STAY HYDRATED!! That coke may look tasty, and might even have your name on it, but water is your friend. Drink lots of it, guys. It’s placed free around the hotels, and will keep you from passing out. Powerades are good too, but only in moderation and should still be accompanied by plenty water. I like to even dilute my powerades with more water.

Keep your body happy and healthy, everyone! Nobody wants to call paramedics during a convention.

Sarah and I went to Joann last night and I bought the first round of supplies for my Small World costume! Yarn for the wig, and fabric for the petticoat and pantaloons~

My next project! I’ll be going as my favorite Small World girl to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year!

My next project! I’ll be going as my favorite Small World girl to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year!

What are everyone’s favorite places to buy packs of loose wig hair these days? Whether it’s for low costs or wide color variety, I wanna know where y’all shop lol.

Earlier this week I spent a few hours turning a blue polo into a Speed racer shirt for my friend Nick to wear to Tampa Bay Comic Con this weekend. Unfortunately I can’t go to the con but he sent me this lovely picture of himself in the whole costume! Yay Nick!


god bless sdcc

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